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I was delighted to find that at least one friend took me up on my offer to answer questions and/or offer advice on virtually any facet of life.  Following  is the question and my response.  Additions, corrections and opinions are welcome, as are just plain comments.  Go!

Q.  Can I weigh in almost 5 years later?  I actually have a question.   So….I am 42.  My contemporaries (?) Say….slow down.  Sex isn’t everything and I should wait until the moment is right.  What is wrong with safely making the moment right?  I am trying to gather my “posies” where I may while I can gather them.  Btw.  I do have a suicide pact that you may like.  I have an agreement that when decrepitness offends me too much….that an old friend will come and break my hips in the way they ought to be broken.   I should put it in my medical poa to be safe.

A:  Sorry to have taken so long to respond.  Trying to update my work and find a new generation of readers has been exhausting and totally time-consuming.  But I’ve done all that I can do and now my future is in the hands and e-readers of friends and fans. Like you, for instance.
So anyhow, to answer your question:  Of course there’s no reason to stop lusting for lust, regardless of age, state of decrepitude or degree of acquaintanceship with your partner. There’s no such thing as bad sex…just a bad attitude about it.

Although it’s been some time since I’ve had a battery-free instrument in or around my lady-parts, I freely admit to keeping my BOB at the ready and close at hand at all times.  I sincerely believe that an orgasm a day (or at least a couple a week) keep both mind and body limber, attentive and happy.
I envy your suicide pact.  My dearest wish is to die with a hard body on top of me, coming and going simultaneously.  Unfortunately, there are precious few young men who have the balls (ahem) to fuck an old lady to death, regardless of her posthumous gratitude.
Thanks for the question.  Keep ’em coming, to coin a phrase.


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