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First publicty piece from the e-publisher

If anyone starts a school for mistresses, Ruth Dickson will be its dean.

After years of personal research, Dickson offers pointed advice on becoming a happy and successful Other Woman, covering everything from the selection, capture and care of a married lover to his ultimate release. She leaves no stone unturned, discussing every aspect of the affair, up to and including the problematic Wife. Wrapping things up with an informative Q&A, Married Men Make the Best Lovers is must reading for any woman who treasures both her single status and the enjoyment of a rich, fulfilling sex life.

E-Reads re-releases this classic, smart and sassy advice book from the 1960′s. Published in the heyday of the sexual revolution, it’s as entertaining and pertinent as it was on publication date. And Dickson, one of the movement’s most outspoken leaders, still displays the same wicked mind, razor-edged wit and freewheeling attitude that made her one of the most popular writers of the day.


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