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Hi Ruth ,
Here’s my question. From reading your blog, you appear to be just about the
most self-assured person I’ve ever seen. How do you conquer fear? I
have a tough time with being around people. I know I’m intelligent, and
can hold my own on a variety of topics, I’m artistic, easy on the eyes
:), and manage my life quite nicely. When I’m around people I don’t
know, I become a mute. I can’t, for the life of me think of anything
interesting to contribute to a conversation. Someone else might say
something and I’m thinking “I should have said that!, having thought it
minutes before” .. Any ideas?
I always thought you should have a column somewhere 🙂 Best of Luck!

Hi Mad..
The reason most people feel shy and unable to express themselves among new
people is fear of rejection, fear of looking foolish, fear of being
ignored. You can overcome these fears by remembering that you’re more
intelligent, prettier, and more talented than any of the people you’re
afraid of. Keep in mind that they all have inadequacies and are just as
afraid of rejection by you! Simply say whatever comes into your mind,
to whomever, and whenever that may be.. As long as you speak with
authority, regardless of content, you will be heard and appreciated.
Strangers are just like bugs, honey…they may scare you, but always
remember, you’re stronger and smarter than they are, they know you can
squash them at will, and they’re much more afraid of you than vice
versa. So just grab that spotlight and bask in it. I promise you, it
will warm your cockles and make you the most vibrant belle of any ball.
If you enjoy yourself, everyone else will, too.

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