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According to the archives, I haven’t been seen on WordPress in three years.  How time slithers!  And since I will soon be one year closer to my expiration date, I thought those of my friends who are still breathing might be interested in catching up with the events of my tottering life.

If progeny is the proof, I am now a bona fide matriarch. I have acquired three great-grandchildren and there’s another on the way, putting me in a dead heat with my late mother.  Aside from the human offspring, my brainchildren are about to experience a renaissance.  Once available in arcane forms known as “hardback” and “paperback” (no, kiddies..those are not types of tortoises or gorillas) my oeuvre will soon be available in “e” (for “everyone who owns a Kindle”) format, rescuing them from the limbo of collector’s items and putting them squarely into Clickhere Land.  With the current rage for all things sixties, the hope is that fans of “Mad Men” and similar nostalgia will joyously jump upon the opportunity to read works written during and about the Kennedy/social revolution era.  It is also hoped that friends of the author will be delighted to acquire the titles as they become available.

In other news, Supercrone is back in business. I’m reviving the advice column in which I offer wise (and frequently snarky) answers to your questions, probably on a weekly basis.  Ask me anything, except math problems and those related to electronic contraptions, and I will answer from the wealth of wisdom and experience garnered during damn near a century of adventurous living. Life, Sex, Aging, Dying and similar trivia.are all fair game, so don’t hold back.  And don’t forget to tell your friends!

Updates will be posted as they arise.  Please comment, if only to let me know you were here.


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  1. Probably the best thing I have read this year: the return of Supercrone! You are beloved and have been missed.

  2. bigcocky on said:

    I was here. I left with Kilroy for some coffee.

  3. I was here, Mummy. I’ll be looking forward to your column again.

  4. Here! Let me know when the e books are ready so I can resume my pimping duties.

    Happy Birthday.

    • supercrone on said:

      Okay Pimp o’ mine…The time has come! At the moment, there are four books available on Kindle, etc. “Now that you’ve got me here….” is free in the lending library for a few weeks for Amazon Prime members (don’t ask me…that’s just what it says on my little machine). So I’m ready when you are. On your mark….

  5. La Bellota on said:

    Oh happy day! And Birthday to you, Dame! Anxiously awaiting the return of sage advice !

  6. I was here, Dame. Yay. More columns to come? I’m so excited!

  7. johnrjdouglas on said:

    I’ll try to think of a really provocative question. In the meantime, though, will you settle for a heartfelt, “Happy Birthday!”?

    Excuse that weird string of punctuation. Circumstances seemed to demand it. It is not intended to stand in for questionable language.

    archy sends his regards…

  8. my good friend Ruth.


  9. I was/am here too! It’s still your birthday out west, so I’m not too late in wishing you a fulfilling year, including a greatgrandchild to be the tiebreaker of the year.

    Who woulda thought your books would be revived electronically! Go Ruth, with love

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